Supporting Prisoners’ Well-being in France

About us

About Robin des Lois

Robin des Lois is an association dedicated to improving the well-being of prisoners in France. Founded with the goal of providing support and resources, our organization is committed to helping prisoners rehabilitate and reintegrate into society.

Our values

Our Core Values



We believe in understanding and empathizing with prisoners, acknowledging their unique circumstances and challenges.



We hold ourselves accountable for creating positive change and transforming lives affected by incarceration.



We foster a sense of community among prisoners, providing educational opportunities and promoting mutual support.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Robin des Lois?

We are dedicated to making a lasting impact in the lives of prisoners. Our unique value proposition sets us apart from other organizations.

Comprehensive Support

We offer a wide range of programs and services to address the diverse needs of prisoners, from education and employment support to mental health resources.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with prisons, government agencies, and community partners to ensure a collaborative effort in promoting prisoner well-being and successful reintegration.

Advocacy and Policy Reform

We advocate for fair and compassionate policies that prioritize prisoner rehabilitation and reduce recidivism rates.

What People Say About Us

Thanks to Robin des Lois, I was able to successfully transition back into society. Their support and guidance were invaluable.

– Jean Dupont

Robin des Lois created a safe and supportive environment for me while I was incarcerated. Their programs changed my life for the better.

– Sophie Martin

I am grateful for the dedication of the Robin des Lois team. They are truly making a difference in the lives of prisoners across France.

– Lucie Dubois